Workshop Presenters

Michael R. Andrews

Mr. Andrews is Managing Partner of Andrews & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in new product development, business and management development, and Emergency Planning for business, schools and government entities.

Mr. Andrews is a Senior Life Member of IEEE and is currently serving IEEE members as the Past Director (Director 2013-14), AdCom member for the Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS), IEEE Vision, Innovation and Challenges Summit (VICS) Chair, IEEE Honors Awards Event Committee; IEEE Life Members Committee, Executive Producer of the IEEE Rising Stars Conference and member of the Phoenix Section Executive Committee. He is also the Arizona Region Coordinator for the Engineers Week Future City Competition and the originator of the SMART Competition.

Mr. Andrews’ commitment to the community includes serving as Arizona Region Coordinator for the Future City Competition, President of the Smart Education Foundation, host to the SMART Competition, the Salvation Army, member of the Grand Canyon University Engineering Advisory Board, the Williams Institute for Ethics and Management Board of Directors, and the Arizona LeaderForce.

He was awarded an IEEE Millennium Medal for outstanding achievements and contributions to IEEE and the IEEE-USA Robert S. Walleigh Award for Distinguished Contributions to Engineering Professionalism. Mike has also received the Salvation Army Sally Award for outstanding volunteerism, Hon Kachina Award (Excellence in Volunteerism, State of Arizona, AIA – Arizona Award of Distinction, Williams Institute for Ethics and Management (Board of Directors), Salvation Army Southwest Region Advisory Board (Chair, 2013-2015), The Collaboration for a New Century/Arizona LeaderForce (Business Champion).

Carolyn Andrews

Carolyn is passionate about the power of inspiration!  She knows that inspired people are engaged, productive and successful in any endeavor they undertake.  She believes that the best way to get and stay inspired is to build strong and lasting relationships with people who have positive and supportive attitudes and believe in gratitude and abundance.  Her mission is to help others learn and grow in every area of life through inspiration, amazing relationships and strong leadership skills.  

Carolyn is a certified business and executive coach, an international speaker and best-selling author.  She is also an experienced senior level corporate executive with extensive global experience in technology, risk management and marketing.  She loves working with business owners and corporate executives to guide them in finding success by achieving their goals, excelling in their field and inspiring others.

Russell Harrison

Russ has 25 years of experience working on behalf of professional societies, companies and trade associations in Washington, D.C.  He is currently Director of Government Relations for the IEEE-USA, the American component of the world’s largest technical professional society.  With nearly 180,000 individual members across the United States, IEEE-USA is the leading voice for technology professionals in the United States.

Over his 17-year career with IEEE-USA, Russ has represented IEEE members on dozens of policy issues including autonomous vehicles, digital privacy, AI, federal research funding, export control, and immigration.  In addition to directly engaging with policy makers, Russ strives to build bridges between engineers and politicians.  He has spoken at over 260 local, national and international events about public policy and the need for regular citizens to interact with their elected leaders.

Prior to IEEE-USA, Russ represented recycling facilities and the steel industry on Capitol Hill.  He has a Master’s in Public Management from the University of Maryland and a B.A. in political science from Allegheny College.  Russ is a Certified Association Executive (ASAE) and Planning Commissioner (Virginia Tech).

Phil Bautista

Phil Bautista is a Senior Member of the IEEE and an Extra Class Amateur Radio license holder.  His contributions to technology include clients NASA, Dell, The United States House of Representatives and many others.  As a member of both local Amateur Radio clubs in Washington D. C. and Texas as well as the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) he has participated in Simulated Emergency exercises including the Tri-Annual Airport Emergency Exercise at Washington National Airport.  Holding operating licenses in other countries such as Belize and The Bahamas, he has operated and contacted many other countries across the globe. His suggestion for the “Zombie Apocalypse” exercise grew from the observation that the younger generation seems to be reliant upon current proliferation of infrastructure and power grids.  After talking with the Rising Stars team and other Amateur Radio operators the idea became reality and was incorporated along with the Software Defined Radio (SDR) as a workshop at the 2020 Rising Stars Conference. His company, Bull Creek Data, has agreed to sponsor any conference attendee wishing to take any of the three FCC License Exams available for Amateur Radio operators at the conference.

Scott Pederson

Scott Pederson is a Senior Cloud Engineer for the United States Money Reserve. He is also an Extra Class Amateur Radio operator (KI5DR). He has a long history of providing emergency communications for a variety of public service and natural disaster events.  Throughout his work career, he has been involved in business continuity management, disaster recovery strategies and contingency plans, as well as physical and network security. He is a father of 4, experienced soccer coach and referee, and currently lives in Austin, TX.