2019 Competition & Workshops

Cyber Security Competition 

In 2019 the Rising Stars planning committee along with the assistance of Chris Humphreys will host a cyber security competition to test real-world security skills against similar threats faced by companies, governments, and individuals. The competition this year will rely less on leveraging technology, and more on organizing good responses to cyber threats and utilizing teamwork to tackle complex problems.

Teams of 4-5 participants will be given details of a simulated real-world cyber event that poses a threat to one or more essential services and infrastructures. Teams will be evaluated on several criteria including but not limited to: problem solving ability, use of security concepts, and teamwork. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes.

Additional information regarding the competition and preparation guides will be posted in the coming months. Just as with the competition last year, victory favors the prepared! Students and young professionals in all majors are welcome to participate. Just indicate that you are participating in the competition when you register for the conference!


Resume Building Workshop

Creating a better resume, targeting the right employers and having more effective interviews are all elements of finding that ideal next job. Your resume is one critical element to a successful job search strategy. Having a resume that places you on the top of the list and on the forefront of a prospective employer’s memory increases your opportunities for a remarkable professional adventure.

In the Resume Development Workshop, you will:

  • Review your existing resume
  • Identify and analyze your attributes, interests, skills and accomplishments and the impact you can make on an organization
  • Develop a competency based resume
  • Develop a companion introduction letter
  • Create a strategy for making effective contacts and distributing your materials

Participants must bring an existing resume and current work history (soft copy and hard copy). You should also bring a personal computer.


Arduino/Hardware workshop 

A Maker’s World: Getting Hands-on with Arduino and Wearables

Many of us may already have the skills needed to dive into the maker’s world of embedded electronics, but have trouble getting started. In this workshop, we will get hands-on with several projects that have been created using a few platforms available for makers, such as Arduino and Adafruit micro controllers, in order to get a taste of the making process and the tools involved. We will review more of the available platforms for makers, and perform some of the more advanced steps in the project creating and building process.

In groups of 3-4, participants will be guided to:
– Explore the wiring and composition of the sensory, IoT and wearable projects set up at their desks
– Modify and upload the opened example programs to the assembled circuits
– Share ideas with each other of what they would like to build themselves
At the beginning of the workshop, Natalia will welcome the participants to the Maker’s World workshop, a 1-hour session in which they will get to familiarize themselves with some of the microcontrollers used for assembling embedded electronic circuits, as well as platforms used for wearables.

Workshop Schedule
00:00 – 00:15
Workshop goals and Introduction to Arduino
00:15 – 00:45
Part I – A Maker’s World: Arduino Uno
00:45 – 00:55
Introduction to wearables, Adafruit Circuit Playground
00:55 – 01:25
Part II – A Maker’s World: Wearables with Adafruit
Circuit Playground
01:25 – 1:30
Wrap up and questions

In Part I of this workshop, participants will be working with an Arduino Uno. They will be guided to complete a few wiring steps for an assembled project (a light theremin), and to add a few lines of code to program Arduino Uno to get the project working. Reference packet: ‘A Maker’s World: Arduino Uno’.
In Part II of this workshop, participants will be working with an Adafruit Circuit Playground. They will be guided to attach this wearable, washable, miniature microcontroller to a tester circuit, and to modify default code to program Arduino Circuit Playground to get the wearable example circuit working. Reference packet: ‘A Maker’s World: Adafruit Circuit Playground.
Natalia will round out the workshop by covering some of the next steps participants can follow to start creating their own projects (list of popular platforms, where to buy, online project communities, workshops and programs where they can volunteer, etc.). Natalia will also share her teaching resources, which participants can use to teach their children or even their own workshops. We will discuss the impact of Arduino and Wearables workshops on STEM education and how these can be used to bridge the gender gap through excitement and early exposure.

By the end of this workshop, participants would have gotten familiar with an Arduino Uno and a wearable platform (Adafruit Circuit Playground), and the tools required to get started with their own creations (hardware and software). I also aim to inspire participants to come up with ideas for the next steps they want to take, whether it is making cool projects and/or teaching workshops themselves. This workshop is also a great networking/icebreaker activity. We will encourage participants to mix and mingle with each other, and they will bond as a group as they work through the technical challenges throughout the workshop.

1. Workshop materials: https://github.com/electronat/A-MakersWorld-Workshop-Materials
2. Maker’s World workshop listing for IEEE FLF: https://futureleaders.ieeeusa.org/sessions/makers-world-wearables-workshop/
3. Maker’s World workshop listing for IEEE Rising Stars (2 sessions taught): http://ieee-risingstars.org/program/
4. Maker’s World workshop listing for WIE ILC: http://ieee-wie-ilc.org/agenda/
5. IEEE wearable+connected circuit shirt demo: https://youtu.be/Y5TgYmtRcI8
6. GHC hair bow demo: https://youtu.be/9PKsSn2-l44