Jennifer Johnson

Award winning Speaker, Trainer, Mentor and Mastery Level Coach– Jennifer ‘Sparkle’ Johnson– specializes in teaching people to go from hiding out, to being in alignment with who they are, so they can fearlessly embrace why they were put on this earth…to share their gifts, and live amazing, successful lives!

The founder and creator of Power of 3P Coaching, Jennifer is a Certified Life Coach and has studied business coaching under Kendall Summerhawk, becoming a Certified Money Marketing and Soul Coach.  Her specialty is helping people with sales, and that starts with helping them establish their ‘personal brand’, which only comes when they truly realize the value of themselves and of their offering.  From identifying and overcoming their limiting beliefs, to understanding their ‘Money DNA’…the deep, unconscious roots of all thoughts and actions around money… she helps her clients to get out of their own way, on their divine path to success.

And her love for helping people realize their true value in this world spreads beyond the office and the boardroom…volunteering in the community is an important part of her life, as well.  She devotes a great deal of time to a group dedicated to empowering abused children to not feel afraid, and as a board member of The Girls Rule Foundation, she strives to help today’s girls realize their full potentials, and become tomorrow’s amazing women.