Natalia Baklitskaya


Natalia is a passionate individual, always excited to learn about new technology and to share my love of electronics and code with the world.

I’ve started my professional journey in hardware at IBM, working on SystemZ and Power processors in NY. I then moved to Silicon Valley and worked as a Design Verification Engineer on the PHY layer of WiFi (802.11x) chips at Qualcomm. Eager to explore new concepts and to shift gears more towards software, I made a move to Accenture Labs and worked on prototyping new concepts and developing industry-focused applications for VR + MR devices, as well as researching new applications of 3D printing technologies. Having completed several industrial applications and PoCs, I went on to work as a CAD Infrastructure Engineer as part of an awesome team at Intel PSG (formerly Altera). On the side, I still continue exploring the AR/VR field.

As a maker, I love playing with electronics and software, and learning by doing. In my spare time, I work on connected, wearable electronics and fun side projects. I teach Arduino workshops for high school female students in the Bay Area through SWE-sponsored programs. I also teach wearables and IoT workshops within companies and at external events, such as IEEE UPP Student Leaders Summit. Having enjoyed developing for Virtual and Mixed Realities, I also continue to play in this field in my own time.

I am a strong proponent of promoting women in technology, and I currently serve as a Vice Chair of Santa Clara Valley Women in Engineering (SCV WIE) board. Our group facilitates personal and professional growth of women in technology in the Bay Area through tech talks, workshops, networking and professional development events, among many other initiatives. I am also very involved in the IEEE community.

Apart from the tech side of the Bay Area, I am a nature and wildlife enthusiast and I volunteer at Elkhorn Slough!