The Red Dwarf Stars Event Series

Red Dwarf stars are the smallest stars. This series of events will not show the smallest stars, but red dwarf stars represent the formation and growth to our IEEE Rising Stars Conference. The 2022 IEEE Rising Stars Conference team will be hosting a series of monthly events to show you a glimpse of what we are preparing for the conference. We'll be sharing some professional development and technical content throughout this series, as well as some of the networking experience.

Join us every last Thursday of the month on a series of informative and engaging events as we prepare for our large stage at the 2022 IEEE Rising Stars Conference, in Las Vegas and Virtual, on January 2-4.

Stay tuned for more details and information.


Kate MercadoForward, Inc.

“As a speaker, I was so impressed with the level of student interest and
. participation in the packed three days of programming. Students and young professionals are so much more aware than their more senior counterparts about the innovation and creativity that will be required for the next generation of working engineers.”

Ian Schrader
Ian SchraderStudent, UC San Diego

People underestimate the networking piece of a conference, finding the right place for you as an engineer;

Having conversations in an environment that doesn’t punish you for being wrong or having an opinion and mock interviews are a driving force for me.

Tamara Dull
Tamara DullPrincipal Open Source Technologist, AWS Open Source: Blockchain & IoT

“IEEE Rising Stars: That’s what happens when you bring cool tech, engaging industry leaders, and young, eager minds together.
This was my first year attending, and I enjoyed the conference so much, I’m already encouraging my colleagues to participate next year with me.”

Joey Yang
Joey YangGoogle

“What’s better than getting to hang out with a bunch of creative, motivated, and down-to-earth engineer? I loved getting to know the rising stars of IEEE, and it was so valuable to hear advice from industry veterans. It was an honor to be invited, and I would love to come again!”

Joe Fercho
Joe Fercho2015 Attendee

“The Rising Stars Conference is a great opportunity for any young engineer. At this conference, I had a chance to network with a lot of great engineers, both present and future. Talking to all these great engineers allowed me the opportunity to work at Northrop Grumman for a summer internship. Due to that internship, I have a job offer before I even graduate! For any young engineer thinking of attending , I would give them a resounding “Do It!”. I can guarantee that you won’t regret it. ”

Stephen Welby
Stephen WelbyExecutive Director, IEEE

Rising Stars is terrific opportunity of students and young professionals to network, get inspired and develop new skills.
What I like the most about Rising Stars is everyone there - attendees, speakers, volunteers are all having great time.