Dr. Kott earned his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in 1989, where his research proposed artificial intelligence approaches to innovative design of complex systems.

In his career, Dr. Kott has played a key role in initiating the Network Science Collaborative Technology Alliance considered to be among the world’s largest efforts to study interactions between networks of different types. His efforts helped start the Cyber Security Collaborative Research Alliance, a unique program of creating basic science of cyber warfare.

Dr. Kott has published over 80 technical papers and has served as the initiator, co-author and primary editor of over ten books, including Cyber Defense and Situational Awareness, Cyber Security of SCADA and other Industrial Control Systems, and Cyber Resilience.

Dr. Alexander Kott serves as the Chief Scientist for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. In this role, he provides leadership in the development of the laboratory’s technical strategy, which includes maintaining the technical quality of research and representing the laboratory to the external technical community.

Session:  Pros and Cons of Working for a Government R&D Organization