Deb Cooper is the 2022 IEEE-USA president and president and founder of DC Associates LLC, an independent consulting firm specializing in Cybersecurity. Deb wandered into computer security in the early 1980’s under US government-funded R&D focusing on rigorous approaches to software development beyond test, release and patch. She has served on many corporate and government advisory boards, always advocating for diversity and thinking outside the box. Past positions include Director, INFOSEC Business Development and Program Planning, Director of Advanced Technology, and Director of Formal Methods at Unisys and System Development Corporation, and Principal, Cyber Technology, at Booz Allen Hamilton. While studying for her doctorate, Cooper created a database management system adopted for use at all University of California campuses and was awarded a University of California Administrative Fellowship. In 1989, she received the Unisys President’s Award for Technical Excellence.

Cooper is also past IEEE Computer Society president, IEEE Division Director, MGA Treasurer, and board member of IEEE-USA, MGA, Technical Activities, Publication Services and Products, and past guest editor for IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering and IEEE Software, and editorial board member for IEEE Security & Privacy.

Her motto is that you are never too young or too old to make a difference.