Frank Schirrmeister is a senior group director, solutions & ecosystem at Cadence. He leads a team translating customer challenges in the hyperscale, communications, consumer, automotive, aerospace/defense, industrial, and healthcare vertical domains into specific requirements and solutions. In addition, his team focuses on cross-product technical solutions such as 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning, safety, security, digital twins, and partner collaborations.  Frank holds a Dipl.-Ing. in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. Before joining Cadence, Frank held senior engineering and product management positions in embedded software, semiconductor, and system development, both in Europe and the United States.

Session: Enabling the Era of Hyperconnectivity and Hyperscale Computing

According to Seagate and IBS estimates, by 2025, sensors will create exabytes of data per day. Next-generation networks carry data at the lowest latencies possible, enabling never before seen “hyperconnectivity,” and zettabytes of data need to be stored in the global datasphere. In addition, consumers expect instantaneous responses to all their needs, requiring networks, storage, and compute to “hyper-scale” to speeds and capacities that are hard to comprehend, coining the term “hyperscale computing.”

This presentation will illustrate the value chain from semiconductors to software, and systems, enabling the development of disruptive technologies, from 5G to artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and from the industrial internet of things (IIoT) to autonomous vehicles. These technologies drive changes in consumer electronics, computing, communications, automotive, mobile, aerospace, industrial, and healthcare industries. We will also introduce how Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Computational Software enable ”Intelligent System Design” to create electronic chips and systems to develop these technologies that consumers use daily.