IEEE Rising Stars is thrilled to present a series of engaging workshops at Rising Stars specifically designed for students and young professionals. Previous workshops have covered technical topics like operating ham radios, to workshops focused on personal growth, allowing participants to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills. This year’s conference promises an equally captivating lineup of workshops, with a focus on emerging trends, practical applications, and fostering professional development.

2024 Workshops

Young Professionals Training

Alberto Tam Yong
Learn, discuss, engage, and network with other young professionals and learn how to utilize all the resources IEEE has to offer.

YP - Climate Change and Where IEEE YPs Can Play a Role in Solutions

Sajith Wijesuriya; Sukanya S. Meher
Presentation on the Current Landscape of Climate Change, Negotiations, Technology Transfer, and How IEEE can play a Role. We will also focus on what IEEE YP CSTF has been doing.

YP - Navigating the Path to Professional Excellence: A Journey in Leadership and Career Development

Hasala Dharmawardena
Unlock the full potential of your professional growth with an exploration of leveraging IEEE resources to enhance leadership skills and foster career development. In this presentation, participants will discover how the IEEE ecosystem can serve as a dynamic platform for navigating the professional landscapes. Exploring the symbiotic relationship between IEEE and career development, the talk will showcase how active engagement with the IEEE community can open doors to mentorship, knowledge exchange, and leadership opportunities for students and early career professionals. Whether you are an engineer, researcher, or technology professional, this talk is tailored to equip you with the knowledge and strategies to leverage IEEE effectively, ensuring a successful journey towards professional excellence.

YP - Guided Discussions

Brianne Tengan
The Guided Discussion is an opportunity for Young Professionals to discuss challenges and best practices of running a successful YP group. Participants will be split into groups to discuss specific topics, and will rotate after a specified amount of time. Participants can learn from eachother, while also networking with like minded individuals.

YP - IEEE Volunteer Training: Volunteer Tools -- vTools, OU analytics, and more

Chris Gunning
Volunteers are the backbone of IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA). This session will review how to use IEEE MGA volunteer tools that help you more efficiently and effectively perform your administrative tasks so you have more time to engage members. It will also include an overview of the new vTools Engage tool, which is designed to help you to engage, track, and retain members, convert non-members to members, and provide you the information you need to offer members the best programs possible.

YP - Mentoring Meet

Naznin Akter
Explore the learning aspect of the mentor-mentee program, examining how knowledge transfer, skill development, and guidance contribute to the professional advancement of both mentors and mentees. Discover the impact of mentorship on skill enhancement, problem-solving capabilities, and career progression. Learn how these connections can open doors to new perspectives, career paths, and collaborative projects.

YP - Team Success

Chad Kidder
People make the world go around! We are part of teams in our professional and personal lives. This talk is about building successful teams, with a focus on volunteer and engineering teams. Ways to clearly communicate team goals will be covered. How to grow yourself and your team members is also discussed.

YP - Engineer Your Escape: Dodge the Start-Up Dead-Ends!

Jeff Marek, Heather Monigan, Dan Russell - Brevir Solutions LLC
Many attendees of IEEE Rising Stars dream of launching their own start-up.  This hands-on, engaging workshop will introduce the six common reasons why businesses fail: Value Prop Dilemma, Product-Market Mismatch, Reality Distortion, Look Squirrel, A Hole in the Bottle, and the Midas Complex. The session takes an upbeat and light-hearted approach to help attendees recognize the symptoms and prevent these problems within companies. Get ready to explore epic tech fails from the past and play detective to figure out what went wrong. Plus, you'll get to test your problem-solving skills with short, intriguing case studies. By the end, you'll be a pro at spotting these common issues and know how to avoid them. Session Format 120 min workshop Learning Objectives Recognize when companies are suffering from the six main failures based on common questions and how to prevent those issues. Past Experience The presenters are industry executives who collectively have over 125 years of cumulative experience in C-Suite leadership, VP of a Fortune 50 company, business development and negotiation, engineering management, software development, startup experience, and more. They've led organizations, teams, and divisions that have dealt successfully with every issue they will present.

Key Insights for Career Development

John McDonald
This workshop is designed to discuss managing and developing your career. There are 12 important things to keep in mind when living and managing your career to achieve your goals. These will be explained and explored with examples and photographs based on my 49 years as an engineer, manager and executive managing people's careers, and 52 years as an IEEE member (IEEE Life Fellow) and IEEE-HKN member. Your career is your career, and understanding your priorities (which can change) and your company's objectives can help you have a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Career PatDevelopment and Innovation with GAI

Panelists: Jyotika Athavale, Catherine Fang, Preeti Chauhan, Steven Li
Topics to cover: 1. Career paths and portfolio (45 minutes) 2. Generative AI & recent interactive showcases/applications, AI/ML in life cycle/safety (45 mins) 3. Mock interview /resume building, AI-based recruitment (30 mins)

Mastering Product Design: A Hands-On Workshop for PM Success

Heet Shah
🚀 Embark on a transformative journey with ""Mastering Product Design,"" a dynamic and immersive workshop designed to elevate your problem-solving prowess using cutting-edge Design Thinking methodologies. Join us for an exhilarating exploration into the world of innovation, where you'll unlock the secrets employed by Product Managers at tech giants like Meta, Netflix, and eBay.
🌐 Discover the art of structured problem-solving, ensuring not just solutions, but groundbreaking ideas that tackle real-world challenges head-on. This workshop is your gateway to mastering the techniques that drive the timely discovery and delivery of high-quality products, impacting millions of users worldwide.

🔥 Immerse yourself in a collaborative learning environment that goes beyond theory, fostering hands-on experiences and group synergy. Unleash your creativity and leave equipped with a toolkit of skills ready to revolutionize your approach to product design. The winning team also gets a complimentary IEEE Computer Society membership!

🏆 As the pinnacle of this transformative journey, participants will engage in a thrilling pitch competition. Showcase your newly honed skills, present your innovative solutions, and compete for exciting prizes that await the boldest and most inventive minds in the room.

🎓 Elevate your product design game, network with like-minded professionals, and leave empowered with the confidence and knowledge to create impactful solutions. Don't miss this opportunity to redefine your approach to problem-solving and become a master in the realm of Product Design. Secure your spot now and get ready to revolutionize your career! 💡✨</br

Job Search and Career positioning: Strategies that Enhance Your Job Search Success, Increase Your Impact and Marketability and Effective Identification or Use of Your Network.

Mike Andrews
Description: The focal points of the session include:
• Enhancing Your Job Search Success
• Increasing Your Impact and Marketability
• Identifying and Using Your Network
• Taking Command of Your Career
The basic assumption that you must make as an emerging professional is that you are a product. Like any other product, including a car, a computer, or a screwdriver, you have specific attributes and applications. Articulating your attributes, values and market are critical first steps in the process of your job search and career choices. How you increase your marketability, and the attraction of employers (purchasers) is a function of understanding your strengths, your key skills, and your anticipated ROI to your prospective employer (customer). Getting in front of the correct customers is influenced by the support from within your network. The session will focus on creating “sellable” product that, by quickly communicating your abilities and becoming engaged with a supportive professional network, can put you on a highly satisfying career path that will exceed your long-term expectations.