How to Receive Funding for Students and Young Professionals


If you’re a student interested in attending the IEEE Rising Stars Conference, check with your school to see if funding may be available. This event qualifies as both a professional and technical development event. Please contact us if your school agrees to sponsor you or others to attend the event. Any monies used towards registration can be applied as an event sponsor and include benefits like an advertisement of their graduate programs to recent undergrads and young professionals. A sample letter of support that can be used to avail funding from University can be downloaded from IEEE Rising Stars – University Funding Letter.

Young Professionals:

Companies value their employees enhancing their professional and technical skills. Companies also value the opportunity to add qualified individuals to their workforce. Both qualities exist at the IEEE Rising Stars Conference. If you’re looking to attend, check with your supervisor or HR representative to see if they may be interested in funding you. There are also sponsorship opportunities if your company is looking to gain exposure to the leading young professional and student members of IEEE in Region 6. A sample letter on how to convince your boss can be downloaded from IEEE Rising Stars – Convince Your Boss.

IEEE Members:

If your Section/Student Branch decides to support students or Young Professionals (YPs) to attend the Rising Stars Conference then your Section may request a Professional Activities Committees for Engineers (PACE) request to cover your expenses less $150 which is your responsibility.

Once this request is approved, the Section would cover 60% and Region 6 PACE would partially match this amount to cover the other 40% of your total expenses less $150 which is your responsibility.

The support would be based on Section decision and may include registration, transportation, accommodation, and incidental costs. The Section may decide to provide a fixed amount or base their support in accordance with actual money spent by students (or YPs). Section may reach out to the Student Branch Officers and Counselors as well as YPs for selecting the students and YPs who are interested in attending the Rising Stars Conference.

Once your Section decides on the number of students and YP’s attending the Rising Stars Conference, then the Section needs to complete a PACE project request and submit it to the Region 6 PACE Chair (Amber Orr, [email protected]) for recommendation to the Region 6 director. Please note that the PACE Project is requested, implemented, and monitored by the Section and request from any Student Branch must be routed through the Section where the Student Branch is located. Also, PACE has a finite budget and PACE requests would be accepted until the fund is depleted.

Before applying for PACE funds, students are encouraged to reach out to their Universities, University’s corporate Liaison, and family or friends for additional support. YPs may ask their employers for support.


  • All Sections of Region 6 are encouraged to submit a PACE request to support students and YPs to attend the 2020 Rising Stars Conference.
  • To provide equal opportunity to all Sections of Region 6, the Region’s matching fund for 2020 RSC is limited to a “not to exceed value” of $1,000 per Section and is based on first come, first served basis. The funding distribution is based on the following plan:

                    Section Support: 60%
                    PACE: 40%
                   Participant contribution: $150

  • Participants are expected to be responsible for $150 of their expenses.
  • PACE does not directly reimburse students and YPs but the Section reimburses them via a PACE project.
  • To increase participation in the conference, students and YPs are encouraged to carpool or share hotel rooms where possible.
  • Before applying for PACE funds, students are encouraged to reach out to their Universities, University’s corporate Liaisons, and family or friends for support. YPs may ask their employers for support.
  • Sections may provide additional support in addition to the aforementioned funding.
  • Please note that funding is limited to two(2) students per branch. If your Student branch chooses not to participate , you may substitute one Young Professional.